Estetic Dentistry Dr. Milos

Esthetic dentistry Dr. Milos is a modern dental and aesthetic medicine practice in the eastern part of Split. We are equipped with two dental chairs, a sterilization room and RTGs. In our center, we provide all services in the field of cosmetic dentistry and non-surgical rejuvenation treatments. In order to ensure our customers a carefree stay in front of our office, we provide free parking spaces. Most clients from abroad are coming to our clinic for the quality we provide, but also to save up to 70% in relation to prices in the west of the European Union.


The head of the medical center is Mate Miloš, DDS. dentist, who has many years of experience in eminent clinics and is recognized by patients as well as by the profession, and is a lecturer of the world-renowned company 3M ESPE as well as Style Italiano trainer. The focus of our work is on implant and prosthetic rehabilitation and aesthetic restorations. Through continuous education and the acquisition of new knowledge, we guarantee only the best quality of service. In collaboration with a modern laboratory and 3D technology (CAD / CAM and printers), we are able to do the most accurate work in the shortest amount of time.

We approach our patients individually, exclusively with premium materials and state-of-the-art devices to provide them maximum care during their stay.


1. Oral surgery and implantology
2. Prosthetics and aesthetic dental medicine
3. Periodontology
4. Endodontics
5. Non-surgical methods of rejuvenation (botox, fillers, PRP)
6. RTG diagnostics


Esthetic Dentistry Dr. Miloš

Baruna Trenka 84, 21 000 Split

Phone: +385 21 553 733

Mob: +385 91 796 47 57

Mail: edrmilos@gmail.com ; info@milosdental.hr

Web: www.milosdental.hr

Facebook: //www.facebook.com/estheticdentistrysplit



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